Friends Together’s advocacy stretches from school board meetings in small towns to Congressional Hearings in Washington DC. Friends Together volunteers have served in active positons for Florida Community Planning Groups in both Patient Care and Prevention seats. Our volunteers have been actively involved in the Consumer Caucus and ADAP working groups. Several of our volunteers currently serve in leadership positions on FHAN. (Florida HIV AIDS Network)

Our advocacy roots proceed Friends Together’s formation. As many of you know Cathy’s story served as the backdrop to many visits in the halls of Tallahassee and DC. Cathy was one of the founding board members of Florida AIDS Action Council which eventually evolved into the AIDS Institute, one of the leading HIV policy and advocacy organizations in the United States. Cathy has also served on a number of national patient care advocacy boards.

Friends Together has worked hard to educate patients and families to take an active role in the political structure that shapes their care and services.